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System Engineering

System Engineering

North Star Group’s System Engineering (SE) department is a forward-thinking, solutions-oriented team dedicated to providing innovative solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. We employ a highly qualified staff of technical professionals who have the discipline, technical skills, and work experience necessary to ensure our client’s success.

Our department addresses the translation of stakeholder needs into system requirements and facilitates the process by which the specification of systems and components satisfies those requirements. We provide a logical sequence of steps toward deriving good requirements and transforming them into solutions, regardless of the program’s size or complexity. By doing so, we help to ensure that program execution is right from the start and that any problems are detected and resolved early.

In addition to requirements development, our SE team develops and updates project level documents, such as the System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) and the Requirements Management Plan (RMP), and provides program architecture review and program cost estimates. We also help our customers develop technical documentation (concept of operations, design description documents, interface documents) and participate actively in customer reviews.

Another important part of our SE duties is governance. In this area, our team develops programs that adhere to customer development, documentation, and safety standards. Ultimately, we take responsibility for the programs’ lifecycle management, ensuring that the program accomplishes the correct tasks to be able to transition along the lifecycle stages.

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