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Aviation Science

Aviation Science

North Star Group’s Aviation Science Department is staffed with senior aviation subject matter experts versed in aircraft cockpit technologies, air traffic control systems, and emerging aviation technology. We work actively with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on several NextGen aviation technologies, including:

  • System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation in the National Airspace System (NAS)
  • Data communications between aircraft and air traffic control
  • Demonstration of data communication capabilities in the cockpit
  • Developing the Aircraft Access to SWIM (AAtS) concepts to include validation from industry standards groups
  • Developing enterprise architecture descriptions, requirements determination, regulatory guidance, and system safety analysis

Our Aviation Science Department is prepared to support the key aviation areas of NextGen and has the capability to assist with emerging aviation technologies that include:

  • Cockpit training
  • Establishing communication links to support future avionics usage on the ground and in flight
  • Use of NAS Services for aircraft operators and other related users
  • Analyzing data link technology capabilities
  • Understanding operator’s needs and determining attributes suitable for communications link procurement decisions
  • Developing cost benefit analysis, using our aviation and financial subject matter experts
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