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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

North Star Group provides a customer-focused, sustainable architecture practice that adds value and enables businesses to maximize investments and proactively identify opportunities to gain business benefits and manage risk.

Our team utilizes the Federal Aviation Administration’s Integrated Systems Engineering Framework (ISEF), formerly the National Airspace System Enterprise Architecture Framework (NASEAF) and based on the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), to develop architecture data elements that are uniquely identified and consistently used across all products and views within the architecture.

From the ISEF, NSG has successfully developed the following views:

  • All-Views (AV) products that provide our customers with information pertinent to the entire architecture but do not represent a distinct view of the architecture.
  • Operational Views (OV) to capture the operational nodes, the tasks or activities performed, and the information that must be exchanged to accomplish FAA missions. OVs convey the types of information exchanged, the frequency of exchange, the tasks and activities supported by the information exchanges, and the nature of information exchanges.
  • System Views (SV) that capture system, service, and interconnection functionality providing for (or supporting) operational activities. These system functions and service resources support the operational activities and facilitate the exchange of information among operational nodes.
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