North Star Group announces the publishing of “who’s going to Project Manage this?….PREParation for success”19 July 2006

The North Star Group℠ announces the availability of the book “who’s going to Project Manage this? PREParation for success”, authored by Michael Shveda, Managing Partner. It is published by Aardvark Global Publishing and printed by HBP, Inc. based in Hagerstown, MD. Mr. Shveda has developed a flexible, practical and unique project management system known as the PREP℠ Management System which is the basis for the book. This system is highly scaleable, non-resource intensive and has low startup and maintenance costs. Now everyone can learn about the PREP℠ Management System, its origin, and significant benefits.

The PREP℠ Management System provides the following benefits:

  • Standardized and predictable project and portfolio management
  • Flexibility to scale with a client’s needs
  • Documented linkage between strategic goals and tactical implementations
  • Organizations can maximize the efficient use of their resources
  • Quicker time to market for products and services thus increasing the overall ROI

Commenting on the book, Dr. David Huber, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Broadwing Corporation, said… “This book, one that will allow others to benefit from (Mr. Shveda’s) in-depth knowledge, is long overdue.” Jim Bannantine, Managing Partner, Atlantic Capital Group echoed that ” (Mr. Shveda) gets it when it comes to project management… the key to (Mr. Shveda’s) success…is the disciplined but creative process (Mr. Shveda) follows that is outlined in this book.”

Praise for Mr. Shveda continues from Rear Admiral Craig Steidle, USN (Ret.) and former NASA Associate Administrator who stated “…(Mr. Shveda’s) the technical insight and managerial skills displayed…was nothing short of outstanding.”

This book may be purchased by contacting The North Star Group, LLC at

About North Star Group, LLC

The North Star Group℠, LLC is a professional services firm focused on Project Management solutions for the commercial and government sectors. We provide services in three primary areas: 1) consulting, 2) staffing/outsourcing, and 3) training utilizing a flexible, practical and unique system known as the PREP℠ Management System. For more information, please contact us at 410-385-5220, or visit

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