Risk Management: Our Guide to Planning for Uncertainty01 September 2015

Project Management

Every organization manages risk, some better than others. A wise approach to reducing the inevitable risks that come with any business project is to develop and follow an effective risk management strategy — and that begins with clearly assessing and defining the project’s requirements.

Our new white paper, Risk Management: Planning for Uncertainty, is an in-depth guide for project managers and others who seek to understand risk and manage it more effectively.

As the white paper explains, the risk management process is “an integrated collection of principles, policies, processes, procedures, and programs used to identify, analyze, assess, [manage] and monitor risk. An effective risk management process requires the support and commitment of the entire project or product team.”

The white paper will take you through the entire risk management process, from the definition of key terms to a detailed discussion of risk mitigation and response strategies and an explanation of the five major types of risk. It also offers an in-depth discussion of risk management planning, tools and communication techniques — and includes risk reporting matrices for Federal Aviation Administration projects and Department of Defense projects.

Risk Management: Planning for Uncertainty will guide project managers throughout the risk management process so that they may produce the highest quality project results. Just click here to download it.

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